Accurate art market analyses by research and financial art investments

Art Market Analyses is under AFP, which does Art Market Research and Art Investment and provides Financial Art Services. It is active in the countries such as the United States, Russia and Switzerland. We primarily aim our Art Markets Research services at art collectors, asset managers, insurance companies, trusts, art investment funds, public authorities and museums.

Based on the databases of private and public market transactions, AFP does art valuations of paintings, artists and segments. To calculate art indices, hedonic regressions are used. However, if an artist can not be found in the artist database, we use our network to help us get the required transactions to evaluate the individual art market index for our valued members. Art Markets Analyses is one of the first providers of a huge selection of hedonic art market price indices for art investment, as well as art appraisal . We also offer art Investment advice, like art consulting and acquisition of private, as well as corporate art collections. We help in art collection management which includes planning, budgeting and art inventory.

We do art valuations for insurance companies, tax authorities or even private transactions. We also do art dealing. We constantly search for new artists to add to our data base, and who meet the liquidity requirements of our models. Thus, we can safely say that the number as well as the quality of the art markets Indices is increasing with time. Our existing art Indices are either modified, to enhance quality, or are simply updated. Research shows that the taste in are changes rather slowly and unpredictably. The main subjects of our Art Market Analysis are liquid Artists. Art is scarce, unique in its own way, with a limited supply and potential value appreciation over time, but no stream of income. Hence, these characteristics make it a a rather good store of value. However, they often lead to subjectivity in its value and limited liquidity.

If for instance a certain artist, or art category cannot be found, you need not worry. You can ask for paintings, artists and even categories to be estimated individually. In case of performance calculations, we check your inquiries and an email will be sent to you within 48 hours advising whether the report can be produced for you or not, and by what date and time and at what cost.

All artists currently available in our database are available for you to view on our website. The majority of artists belong to painting and sculpture. But we also have some artists doing photography, conceptual art and design (furniture, etc.) The art market Indices consist of mainly paintings, water colors, drawings, original paints, mixed media, reliefs, tapestry, and sculptures.