Network Marketing Prospecting….do You Do Any Of These Embarrassing Things

Frustrated with the network marketing prospecting mania?
Regardless to past performance whether you recruited last month, last year, or 3 years ago. You can push those stats aside and start today to learn the dos and don’t s of Network Marketing prospecting

Why is it that some network marketers can look at a prospect and the prospect sign-up without blinking an eye? Other network marketing reps can talk with hundreds at a time only to find prospects too busy or couldnt use or need any extra money? Their bank account needle is on FULL

Can you imagine learning the skills of a great network marketer where as you can effortlessly prospect? No more hyperventilating when you see prospects you want or should talk to.

How many times has this happen, youre in the store making a purchase you see a sharp looking executive. In your heart of hearts you know they could make a great network marketing rep (you think).

For some reason your heart is pumping faster then usual. You thought about speaking but you can almost see that cheap look feel appear on your face so you dont try. The truth is network marketing prospecting is a skill just like learning to walk or talk. So get excited because if you learned to walk and talk you can learn prospecting.

What if the first time you tried to walk you fell and your parents said, thats o.k. baby, dont try anymore you may hurt yourself stay down well carry you forever? Not Even!

Network marketing prospecting is a process, whether youre cold calling, warm calling, or talking to friends and family, the process is the same.

Here are a few network marketing tips to get you started on the good foot:

When prospecting, dont forget, all of the stuff that excites you probably wont excite your potential prospect.

Learn to ask questions to find out your prospects hot-buttons and only talk about what excites them. (Its hard..practice everyday…you will get better)

When approaching prospects be enthusiastic… but dont foam at the mouth.

To a prospect thats a sign of desperation ….when people feel as if you need them they run

Take notice are your prospects backing up or moving forward.

If backing up they are only waiting for you to take a breather… take one breath and theyre gone with the wind

If you find yourself doing a horse and pony show STOP… the prospect arent interested

Network marketing is a business just like any other business and the same rules apply. Prospects are strange, customers want to buy but we dont want to be sold to. When we chase prospects they run as fast as Roger Banister, stop chasing your network marketing prospects, and watch what happens.

Watch from our website a short clip that gives prospecting more clarity. Tim is an expert in the Network Marketing industry. Tim use to work with one of the only professors I know that taught a college certified course in network marketing (mlm).

That professor is no other than Dr. Charles King, Professor of Marketing at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Remember to always be on offense, you can only score with your prospect with you playing offense. So if you find yourself on defense, switch plays.

We will unveil network marketing prospecting myths which will allow you to grow your business like you never thought possible.

Remember : Whether you think you can or you think you cant you are RIGHT

Henry Ford

Network Marketing

Network Marketing MLM Most people who cannot make it in the marketing world, it is not because they not worth it. There could be so many reasons associated with their failures. This is a field that truly allows you a true financial independency. In networking world we focus our efforts in a word of mouth, one of excuses that people use in this field is, “I can t talk”. Funny that they can say hello to you. It is proven that such statement is used as an excuse. Actually people who say they can t talk are always proving later that they are so good with people. Other people come to networking when they are in complete finance breakdown. Caused by job loses etc. This always raises expectations to maximum as people may already have accumulated debts that they hope to settle.

Having analyzed most law complying networks they are proven not to be quick fix money schemes. You need put effort allow growth with time Few expected qualities of a successful networker are,
1.Be patient with your building process it may not be easy at the beginning.
2.Follow formulae created and provided provided to you.
3.Stay focused, motivated and avoid jumping around all networks.
4.If you fall always rise up. 5.Never quit or give up.

Due to the fact that network pays over levels, a lot of people confuse it with pyramid schemes. The following few examples distinguish network from pyramid scheme.
1.Network is registered with authorities yet Pyramid scheme is not registered.
2.You will always find a product in Network, yet Pyramid does not have
3.In a Network you can earn while you’re up line does not, in pyramid you cannot earn before you’re up line.
4.Most Networks are easily affordable opposed to Pyramid schemes. A network will help you to build business through communication. It’s a brilliant systematic way that can make you a better person. Good part is a formula to success is always provided to you, yours is to implement it.