Financial Considerations When Hiring a Portland Workers Compensation Attorney

Employees who are injured on the job will receive benefits from their employers as guaranteed by the workers compensation law. The purpose is to reduce the number of lawsuits that may result from injuries that occur in the workplace.

If you have been injured in the course of performing your work duties in a Portland-based company, it is best for you to hire a Portland workers compensation lawyer. This way, you can be guided professionally as to the process you need to undertake when filing a claim. This will also help you get the highest compensation amount. Hiring an attorney will, of course, entail costs but this need not be a complicated subject.

Education and Experience

Wherever across the state you reside in, the fees that you will pay will likely differ from one Portland workers comp lawyer to another. In fact, the numbers may substantially vary, depending on these legal experts educational background and experience. Their track record in the workers compensation department will also affect how much they will charge their clients. Even where their offices are located and their operating expenses will have a bearing on their professional fees.

An attorney whose office is within in a rural village, for example, will naturally charge lower than one who receives his clients in a modern office in a cosmopolitan area. Check with the different bar associations in Portland or better yet, ask your friends, relatives or colleagues about any workers compensation lawyers they may have worked with in the past.

The First Visit

On your first visit to a Portland workers compensation attorney, ask as many questions as you want. What amount in compensation can you probably expect, what will the strategy be to increase your chance of success, will a settlement be more beneficial, and how long the process will take are just a few essential questions you need to raise.

And then you can talk about costs. Make sure you do not leave the office without knowing how much the lawyers legal fees are, whats covered in the rate, what are the extra fees, if any, and what payment methods may be used.

Costing Mechanics

A workers compensation attorney in Oregon may be hired with a contingency fee. Having a contingency fee means the lawyer will not be paid unless you get the money as compensation for your injury. This also means that a lawyer who agrees to take your case on contingency must be very confident that you will win your case. If you lose, however, you will still have to spend some cash to pay for other related costs, like court reporter and expert witness fees. When you hire an attorney on contingency, you get more financial room to settle your medical and living costs while your case is being processed. Generally, compensation lawyers in Portland will get part of the amount that will be awarded to you.

However, note that by law, this cannot go beyond 25% of whatever benefits or settlement you end up with. Sometimes, your employer will be paying your fees, which will then be subtracted from your benefits.