Ways to Save and Grow Your Money Financial Fitness for Regular People

This little book is helping thousands of people to make more money, save more money, and get out of debt faster. It’s based on sound financial principles that are EASY to follow – anyone can do it. It is a tiny little book, written in common language for regular people like you and me. If you have a 6th grade education, you can read it and understand it. If you have four years of college, or you’re a doctor, attorney, or a successful actor or musician, don’t think that this doesn’t apply to you – There areplenty of very successful known people in plenty of financial pain. Um…Peter included.

This is financial help for doctors, financial help for attorneys, financial help for janitors, financial help for engineers, financial help for plumbers, financial help for high schoolers, financial help for college students, financial help for retirees – whatever your stage of life or present financial condition, you will learn enough to pay for this book 10 times over … Fast.

Peter wrote this book after going through terrible financial times and enduring all the misery that goes along with it. He or any Debtor knows what it’s like to have creditors calling your home over and over, all day, every day. They know that knot in the pit of your stomach when you can’t pay all the bills, and the banks call and threaten to take your home and your car, garnish your wages, maybe even threaten to take your kids! They make you feel awful. And they’re REALLY good at it.

They know the embarrassment of investing tens of thousands of dollars in a college education and hundreds of thousands of dollars in a business, then to have nothing but debt to show for it. They know the frustration of being in that pressure cooker with no way out.

But there is a way out. And you can do it.

Peter will even challenge you to count how many ways the book gives you to save and grow your money (hint: it’s a lot more than 100).

Why doesone need THIS book, when there are lots of other quality books and programs already out there? Well… If you’ll read a 2-inch thick book and go through a 13-week course, go for it. Peter can highly recommend Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and he personally leads FPU groups.

There are other gurus and courses as well – the 13-week Crown Financial course, Loral Langemeier’s Millionaire Maker program, Clark Howard, SuzeOrman, Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad – all of these people are knowledgeable advisors. Some, like Dave Ramsey, have even been through a lot of financial pain and can identify with yours. But where those courses teach great theory and concepts, Peter’s book drills down into the daily steps.100 Ways to save and Grow Your Money: Financial Fitness for Regular People … Is fast, good medicine for regular people. It gives you the nuts and bolts, the “how-to” for making those programs work in your daily life.

Are you busy? Most everybody is. This is a tiny book you can read in a couple of evenings. If you read slowly, taking your time and highlighting the sections that are most important to you, it might take a week. But it will be FUN! And you can put one or two ideas into motion right away. If you’ll just do that, you’ll have many times the small cost of this book in your pocket within a few weeks.

Do you have less than a high school education? If you read at a sixth grade level, you can understand this book and put it to use today.

Do you have a college degree, even an advanced degree? But none of those classes taught you how to handle the slippery fish that is money. The concepts in this book will transform your life by enabling you to keep your money and grow it Big.

Do you feel like a tiny book is beneath your education, status in life, reputation, time commitments, ego, or the brand of car that you drive (making payments)? There was a time when Peter Sorrells thought so, too. How is that working for you? Trust this little book to help you exchange debt for cash, exchange liabilities for assets, and exchange worry and stress for… Peace.

Peace inside, peace in your marriage, peace in your home.

Are you a go-getter working your way up the corporate ladder or striving for success in your own business? None of it will matter if you lose your health, your soul, or your marriage in the process. Read this little book and learn how to hold onto your money and whatever else is important to you.

As best-selling author Steve Chandler says about 100 ways to save and grow your money: “Don’t spend one more day worrying about money…get this book and see how fun and easy it is to put your life in order and be in charge of your prosperity and security once again.”

Are you currently working through Financial Peace University, Crown Financial, Loral Langemeier’s Millionaire series, Rich Dad, or any other course? You STILL need this little book. Dave Ramsey will teach you to run like a gazelle… Crown will teach you the spiritual aspects of money… Loral will teach you how to build a million…But how, exactly, in your day-to-day life, do you do that? What are the daily mechanics of saving and growing money?

Like these: Where can I save on gas? Where do I get coupons for groceries? How can I watch movies for free? What should I know & do about my credit cards? How do I change my thinking so I can really make this happen?

Enter, 100 Ways to Save and Grow Your Money. It’s a great partner to whichever program you’re using now. And if you’re not on a formal program – it will give you the tools to do this on your own.

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-Pete Sorrells has developed a great little book that I wish everyone would read. 100 Ways to save and Grow Your Money is a resource that will continue to pay long-term dividends for anyone who seeks to improve their financial health and wellbeing.- – Dave Briggs Director – Enrich Financial Ministries, Central Christian Church of Arizona