Leo financial analysis for the year 2011-Astrology predictions 2011

People born with Sun in the constellation Leo are characterized by firmness and strength. You are celebrities who do not wish to remain in the background of the situations and have the ability to adjust the circumstances to your benefit. The charm in you and your eyes make you stand out and you do not miss the desire to gamble and enjoy your success.

The 2011 will probably be the time! You can finally enjoy generous labors and results of persistent efforts. Many opportunities will arise in your way from people who admire the specificity of thinking and your action.

The 2011 is a pretty important year for your professional life and you should be careful and measured. Clearly not all is rosy, but not hard to find and follow the right way to handle it discreetly but effectively the obstacles that will come in your way. The benefits you will gain will not be at all trivial and will not be strange or surprising if accompanied by promotions and very good working performance. Towards the end of the year but should pick up their sleeves to keep your achievements rather than rest on your laurels! It’s time to hunt for ambitious new plans and projects with innovative ideas that will reward you with success.

The planetary influences in February make you more prone to adventure and convince you to make a business trip or to claim your winnings from a previous job.

Jupiter will pass under the sign of Taurus in the tenth house and you will see your professional image, acquire new prestige. It is the best time to apply for a promotion or a generous increase. Despite some problems, because they stay around Saturn in your communication, you will find enough energy from the New Moon on 3 April to approach people who can help you expand your horizons. Avoid, however, manage their online bank account and do not forget to pay your bills.

Summer brings new opportunities and interesting enough socializing to be able to help you make your ambitions a reality. June will be quite favorable month for your business and boost your leadership skills, helping you to be at the forefront of situations and watch your key people. But you may be forced to take decisions you do not like, you need to put your attention mainly on the discussions at various meetings and business lunches. It is easy to convince colleagues about your views and be able to put the foundation for the implementation of your ideas. Until the beginning of autumn you will be charismatic and attractive, so pull the attention of relevant people in your business cycle. Your finances seem to get optimistic way and slowly but gradually you will earn revenue from your work efforts. But beware of any misunderstandings and ambiguities.

While you will be under pressure in September and all you want is to isolate, try to avoid tensions and disputes in the area of your work and keep your cool. It would be better to postpone a planned business trip, and rely on common sense on how to manage the situations around you. If you and your finances will not face a serious problem it would not be bad to choose an investment for your money.

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