Has Any One Really Tried This Garcinia Cambogia

I am just really curious, because I was reading this site here, http://nutritionreviewers.com and it tells me that they have reviews from real users of the products that they are talking about, but I read the reviews and that is not the idea that I get from reading them. In fact it looks like the amount of content is about four or five times longer than what it would be if it was a real person who was telling you an unbiased story. It also does not appear to be all that impartial and I sort of wonder where they are getting the facts from that they throw about so casually. I do not think that there are five guys in white lab coats giving you a lot of scientifically sound data about this stuff and if they are, then you would be well served to produce those guys and let them flash their big white scientist smiles for our benefit. I am sure that they would impress me more than the Celebrity Doctor in the video that they have there.

I have to admit that I did get a solid chuckle out of the caption below the video. It says something like the Celebrity Doctor does not endorse a specific brand of Garcinia Cambogia. I looked at the guy and he did not look like Dr Phil or that other doctor who has his own TV show. I think his name is Dr Oz or something like that and he is a real doctor. The other guy is some sort of psychologist or a psychiatrist or whatever. I think that the difference is that one of those can prescribe you some crazy pills and the other one has to send you to see a real doctor if you need pills.