Financial mindset,Separate Rich From famine,The Poor work for Money and Money work for the Wealthy

If you don’t know how to speak a language, how well do you think you’ll do inside of a country, and a culture that speak that language? Many books and articles has been written about, these topic, and I am not assuming to be an expect as really this is a every complex situation which need well thought, and very complex solutions. It is a challenge when you had to answer such topic but I will try to do my best to give you the four tips that did work for me and continue to change my life up to today.

How much time have you spent learning about money, how it works, and how to create wealth in your life as an adult?

More importantly how much time have you invested intentionally overcoming your own -bad programming- from childhood and your personal -Money Myth- that has prevented you from getting the money and financial results you want?

If you’re like me, then you got basically no education about money growing up, no apprentice or mentoring in the area of making money and wealth creation, and almost nothing coaching to fix your bad programming and money myths. This is a tragedy, of course.

If you want to succeed with money and wealth, how well are you going to do if you’re not educated about it and trained by an experienced mentor who can show you the way?

Every kid is though mathematics and English at school for years, but

Almost I don’t know of any school that teaches a child financial education.

There is no focused education that you get about money when you were growing up. I am not criticizing you here as really it is not your fault, but criticizing the system.

The average income of investment, banker and currency traders is often in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

The top investment banking firm has an average employee income of $622, 00 per year. Getting well though out financial education is the key that separate wealthy business men and employees. It is not a coincidence that high level income jobs need, high levels of education and training, about money and how it works.

The two ultra high-income jobs, of an Investment Banker and a Currency Trader have something in common, which is high level of Education about Money.

These two jobs require what might be the highest, level of education and training about money management and how it works in the world.

And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these high levels of education about money and how it works lead to high levels of income.

Don’t despair as there is some hope that all is not lost, you too can still make it and all that is needed is a good financial mentor. I know that my own success with money changed dramatically when I started getting educated about how it really works.

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