Financial Aid for Moms Going Back to School

Single moms must not drop their dreams of a career or returning to school. But one thing that makes moms drop this issue is the bureaucracy and the tons of papers that need to be filled in. That paper is required in order to get a student loan. But this should not be like that. Things should go much smoother.

Getting financial aid seems like a lot of word. There are many forms to fill out. But you should know that some of them are online and you can easily fill them out while sitting at home. You can also take up a program supported by the federal government. Such programs are: Pell Grant, Hope Grant and many others. It is said that these ones are not so hard to get and there is not so much paper work.

You may not know it, but FAFSA has 5 pages and 127 questions that need to be filled in and that is rather hard to do. This is why not many people apply for this. But this could mean less competition to get that financial aid.

Available money

Make sure you know how much money is available. Make sure they are covering your expenses. If the aid does not cover it all, you need to make sure you can cover the rest of the sum and be able to study.

Other complications may appear from the fact that the FAFSA form needs some complicated calculations. But the state is working on removing those. All this trouble is so that the college or the university knows your taxes and your income and they can assess your situation. But there are some changes being made and they plan to include in the annual tax forms a box saying that if needed, universities and colleges can get information about your income without supplementary signatures and papers. This would facilitate things.

Also take a look at the grants and the scholarships that are out there. It may seem like a lot of work but those are money that must not be returned and the benefit is huge. So take your time to investigate further. Learn which are the rules and regulations and apply for the one financial aid that suits your needs. Make sure to have all the documents ready and apply very fast. Only in this way you will get the kind of education you want.

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