Backlinks: The Yarns of The Web Called Internet

As we know that now global is going to be borderless because of the internet.  The global internet is commonly called as “the web”, or just like the web of a spider. This web is made by connecting every single yarn of the spider.  The wider and bigger the web, it will bring the spider more preys. This analogy is a perfect illustration of how the backlinks works in the internet. Just imagine that the web is like the website, and the yarns are the backlinks. So, if a website has a wide backlink network, the pagerank status we get will be getting higher.

There are three kinds of backlink, which are: First, one way link, which is a kind of backlink that is got from a blog or website, but the site of ours does not give any link to the blog or website. Second, two ways links, which means two sites can link each other. In this case, if our site makes a link with the other site, then the other site will do the same thing to ours. In other words, we can do a backlinks exchange with this kind of backlink. And finally the third, three ways links, where the links are made by three sites. For example, there is site A that links to site B, then site B links to site C, and then site C will link to site A. this kind of backlink is hard to find, unless there is a service from SEO or you make a dummy blog.

The basic objective of using backlink is to promote your website so then the ranking of the site will get increased in eyes of the search engines without much efforts. That is one of the ways about how to promote your website, so your site can be visible in the internet surfing area.