5 Best-Paying Jobs in France in 2021

For many decades France has retained one of the top three positions in terms of economy in Europe. This has attracted a lot of people who want to settle and live in France.

Many regional and international students relocate to France for higher education to secure a job within the country.

Whether you’re a student or you’re interested in knowing all about the job spectrum in France, this is the right article for you.

Here I should share some of my insights on the best paying jobs in France. Let’s have a look;

1. Medical practitioners

Just like in many countries, medical practitioners earn a lot of money. Whether it is in public or private practice a medical practitioner can earn well over €70000 annually.

Of course, qualifying for the Medical profession does not come easy. You’ll have to put a lot of effort into your studies.

To be a medical practitioner in France you have to have some level of fluency in the French language, the test required medical exam and having obtained a French medical practising licence.

It is a complex procedure for doctors who were awarded degrees outside the EU, however, it is still possible to practice medicine as a foreign doctor.

The best part about getting into the Medical profession is that they are in high demand and you don’t have to worry about unemployment.

2. Financial investors/analysts/advisers

Next in line among the best paying jobs in France is the financial sector. The French market is very attractive with some of the largest luxury fashion, cosmetics, airlines, insurance, and energy companies in the world.

Securing a job whether as a financial analyst or an advisor can earn you over €60,000 a year.

In some fields like financial investments, this may be well over what medical practitioners earn, however, the biggest downside is that the market fluctuates over time and it is almost impossible to predict a stable income.

The best way to tell how companies perform in France is by reading reviews. Independent review websites like Amon Avis makes it easier for everyone to find a collection of reviews from French citizens about companies within the country.

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3. Computer scientists

One of the most booming career fields in France is in the computer science sector.

France hugely relies on the computer and technology sector to boost its economy.

There is immense support from the government to promote the development of technology to boost startups in France.

The Field of computer science encompasses professionals such as software developers, database administrators, artificial intelligence, hardware engineers and programmers among others.

The earnings of a computer scientist in France range anywhere from €40,000 to €80000. The best part about working in the computer and technology industry is that it is quite flexible and you can work remotely on a full-time job.

You can choose to dispense your services as a freelancer which is even more flexible as you are free to decide when to work.

4. Lawyers

One of the most respected professions in France is in the legal career. The main reason why lawyers earn a lot of money is that the amount of work and research put into practising law is a lot.

The services offered by lawyers are in demand and are quite competitive because people are willing to pay whatever it takes to protect their interests.

To practice law in France you will have to enrol in a four-year bachelor’s of Law degree LLB and at least have a masters LLM. You will then have to sit for the bar exams to be admitted to the bar.

The average annual earnings of a lawyer in France is estimated to be anywhere between €60,000 to €70000.

5. Architectural engineers

Finally, among the best paying jobs in France in the field of architectural engineering.

You may have probably noticed that France is among Europe’s best countries in terms of planning and architectural design.

From residential apartments to private residences and municipal offices all these have a sense of unique and spectacular features in them.

The Field of architectural engineering takes the upper hand on this.

The earnings of such professionals will depend on the level of seniority. Entry-level architects earn about €38,000 to €40000 annually while senior and more experienced architects can earn well over €80,000 yearly.