A Glimpse at Mobile Marketing

If you ask people on the street what objects they cannot live without, majority will answer mobile phones or PDAs. In fact, even children and teenagers cannot spend a day without these gadgets and devises. Thus, if you are an advertiser, you should consider mobile marketing as part of your marketing campaign. As more and more individuals are spending a lot of time calling, sending text messages, and even reading their emails using their precious mobile devices, it is apparent that you should take advantage of this important medium. Below are some of the things you can do in your mobile advertising campaign.

Getting a short code is one of the things that will help people get more information about you, your company or your brand. In fact, even President Obama and Hilary Clinton made use of CSC (Common Short Code) as part of their mobile marketing campaign. There are two types of short code solutions, the dedicated short code and shared short code. Although the dedicated short code can provide you with more security, this can be quite expensive. Shared short code, on the other hand, is ideal for small to medium businesses because it provides you with appropriate solutions for a fraction of a cost. Whether you chose a dedicated or a shared CSC, the important thing is that you or your company has a mobile advertising address.

It is also important to note that the Internet and mobile phones are becoming closely integrated. Thus, it is important that you include a mobile marketing campaign that provides premium SMS projects and solutions, such as mobile web, delivery content schemes, mobile billing and many others. A lot of big businesses make use of these campaign strategies and mobile solutions in order to make things easier for their customers. This is also ideal for those who sell products or services to other businesses or companies.

Other mobile services that you might want to consider in your marketing campaign are SMS Voting, SMS Alerts, SMS Gateway, SMS Contests, SMS Classifieds and even mass SMS marketing. These solutions have actually been successfully used by leading companies as part of their marketing efforts for a long time now. As you probably know, the American Idol franchise also makes use of SMS voting as a way to encourage people to participate in their program. Companies can also use SMS Voting and other mobile solutions in conjunction with their other promotional or advertising campaigns.

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Debt Consolidation Loans – The Solution To Your Financial Problems

A debt consolidation loan is meant to help people that have defaulted, missed payments or fear that this may be true in a near future. If this is your current situation, here are some guidelines on how to face debt and your bad credit situation and which options are available for you to escape from the debt trap. Missed payments and default usually happen because someone has failed to take into consideration unexpected circumstances that can arise and prevent successfully paying one’s debts. It is essential for this people to get out of debt; otherwise further spending will severely compromise their credit capacity and even risk bankruptcy.

Even though there are many ways to get out of debt, not all of them are available for everyone. Sometimes reducing expenditures while meeting costly loan payments is impossible, and since some expenditures are unavoidable they default. For those with bad credit, it is hard to get a loan and bad credit loans are an option that is not always a solution and sometimes adds up to the problem due to the high interest rates.

Bad Credit Loans

Failing to pay (even if you just miss out one or two payments) affects your credit score and is recorded in your credit history. Though you may obtain a loan with bad credit, you will either have to bear with higher interest rates or put your house as collateral thus risking losing it if you continue to miss payments.

Though bad credit loans carry higher interest rates or the risk of repossession, they are sometimes the only option for those who cannot get regular loans. If you have too many stains on your credit history and you think you will not be able to be approved for a regular loan, then you can seek a bad credit loan lender.

There is another way of reducing the interest rate charged on this kind of loans that does not imply offering an asset as collateral. This is especially helpful for non homeowners who would not be able to offer collateral anyway. Getting the aid of a co-signer (a good credit one is better) will guarantee that you get approved and the interest rate will also be reduced as this person acts as a guarantor of your debt.

Debt Consolidation Loans

On the other hand, a debt consolidation loan will reduce your payments, your debt and your creditors to one. You will get to repay the loan in smaller monthly installments for a larger period of time. If you can offer some kind of collateral you will even get smaller rates making it easier getting out of debt in a near future if your income increases.

If you feel that bills and debt have leaded you to a trap you can not get out of but you know you can make the sacrifices to reduce or control your spending in order to meet only one payment and avoid getting into more debt, a debt consolidation loan is the right option for you. You will avoid the appalling consequences of a bankruptcy and yet get a fresh start.

A Beginner’s Guide To Joining A Network Marketing Company

There are so many network marketing companies out there, how do you know which one to join? Well, just like any other business, due diligence on your part is required in evaluating the company. Do not get caught up in the excitement and emotion of a presentation, even though that is what they want you to do.
The following are some general guidelines to use when evaluating a network marketing company. They are not hard and fast rules; for example, sometimes getting started with a younger company is worth it if it fits all the other guidelines. However, I thought it would be helpful for you to learn some good qualities of the top network marketing companies so that you can make an educated decision regarding with which company you would like to start, continue, or expand your network marketing career.

1. The network marketing company should be in business for at least ten years. I started with this recommendation first because this is the perfect example of a guideline that is not set in stone. There is a certain comfort level in getting involved in a company with a good track record; you know that if you join their organization, your investment will most likely be a good one because they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I can tell you that one company I am involved in has been around for 27 years, so I know they are rock solid and I had no fears getting involved in their business model. I can also tell you that I am involved in another business that has only been around for two years; however, I am confident they will be one of those companies that will one day fit this category, because they fulfill all of the other recommendations that follow. Remember this fact: at one point, EVERY network marketing company was a start-up company.

2. There should be a mission statement of the network marketing company along with ethics standards and values.

3. There should be full disclosure about the network marketing company’s ownership and financial strength.

4. There should be a quality product or service offered. If there is no product or service offered, then it is an illegal pyramid scheme, and this business will be shut down as soon as the regulating authorities get wind of it.

Also, in my opinion, the products should be tested for efficacy, safety, and quality ingredients, and these test results should be made available to the distributors and general public when requested.

Another thought on the importance of the product: A tremendous emphasis is placed on the product itself, and you are told you have to use, love and believe in the product. I want you to think about this in a different way though, and this is very important: People purchase products for the results they create, not because of how fantastic the product itself is. Therefore, when evaluating a company based on its products, start by asking yourself questions about them, such as what the goals the customer would be trying to achieve by using the product(s). If you are in alignment with the end result you want to help someone achieve, such as better health through nutritional products, or keeping people and the planet healthy by using green products, then this is a good network marketing company for you to promote. The successful sales person (Yes, network marketers are IN SALES!) achieves his or her success because he/she effectively shows their prospect that the product is the best at solving his/her prospect’s own personal, specific problems.

5. There should be adequate training that teaches people what to do and how to do it so that they can become successful within a reasonable period of time. This is usually accomplished through regular live webinar trainings, as well as an archive of past webinars made available to each distributor in his/her back office.

6. There should be a simple, duplicatable marketing system that people from all orientations can follow with a reasonable expectation of success. As discussed in another blog post of mine, it is ideal if this marketing system includes technology that makes it easy for distributors to recruit, sell products, and manage their organizations, and for retail customers to buy products; in other words, if it is an automated marketing system.

7. There should be a fair compensation plan that’s easy to understand and rewards both full-time and part-time distributors. Everyone should have the same opportunity for growth at the same pace and intervals in your network marketing business. This plan should not benefit the people at the top more than the people at the bottom. That stinks of pyramid scheme, and it is not a solid network marketing business model.

8. There should be GREAT MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP. I left this one for last because this really is the most important quality in a network marketing business. I am not just talking about those directly in your upline, I’m talking about the majority of those in the network marketing company. You want to align yourself with the best, most knowledgeable, and successful network marketing leaders you possibly can. These people not only are good earners; more importantly, they can lead you to success with their knowledge, their ability, their willingness to help, and the system that they have in place to help you. When you learn from a proven leader, you glean valuable information from all of their experience and talent, which ultimately helps you avoid costly mistakes that are almost certain to occur if you were to learn everything on your own, without guidance.